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A French player (myself, the author of this website) who had collected 547 stickers for the 2011 edition of the McDonald's Monopoly fraud has requested a motion in court against McDonald's France for the payment of 2.4 million euros, amount he should have won in 2011 had the game not been rigged. The player requested legal aid to sue McDonald's in court. His initial request for legal aid being illegally denied (illegally denied because the legal aid board failed to provide any reason for his request being denied), he appealed in front of the Appeal Court of Versailles (one of the highest jurisdiction in France). The Appeal Court of Versailles not only confirmed that the legal aid board had failed to provide any valid reason for denying his request, but on top of this clearly stated that the claim was valid and deserved to be judged (Order of the court of 13 March 2014, N˚ RGC : 13/08409). His subsequent application was therefore granted and this player received full legal aid to sue McDonald's in court for fraud. The case is currently ongoing but you too can claim the prizes you should have won had the game not been rigged! Don't get ripped off by McDonald's! Read this article and you will understand!

Write to us at info@uk-v-mcdonalds.org and we will answer you within 24 hours. Ask us your questions. Don't hesitate. We are here to help you.

This website has been made for the purpose of protecting consumers of the McDonald's Monopoly fraud. Indeed, this "game" is in fact a fraud. Stop being scammed! Warn your friends right away! It is the fraud of the century! We also offer you help so that you can get compensated if you were a victim of this fraud.

Concretely, what does the law say? Here is an extract of the European directive 2005/29/CE of 11 May 2005 concerning unfair business-to-consumer commercial practices in the internal market.

Misleading omissions

"These arise when material information that the average consumer needs, according to the context, to take an informed transactional decision is omitted or provided in an unclear, unintelligible, ambiguous or untimely manner and thereby causes (or might cause) that consumer to take a purchase decision that he or she would not have otherwise taken." Check for yourself on the European Union website by clicking on this link.

Now, don't get fooled by the term "misleading omissions" which might sound benign. It's a serious offense. Check the Serious Fraud Office website : Serious Fraud Office website (British government website). Under the section "What is a fraud?" you can easily understand that McDonald's has committed a fraud (actually, at least 2 counts of fraud) :
1) False representation
2) Failure to disclose information

Monopoly rules in the USA :

"The approximate odds of collecting Park Place are 1 in 11; the approximate odds of collecting Boardwalk are 1 in 618,106,200; the approximate odds of collecting the Winning Combination (Park Place and Boardwalk) are 1 in 3,141,832,163."

Monopoly rules in the U.K. :

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Absolutely no information that the "game" (or should we say fraud) was in fact rigged. No information on the fact that, contrary to what McDonald's wanted you to believe, you had no chance or almost no chance to complete even one single family.

Here is a jurisprudence of the cour de cassation (the highest court in France) : "Quasi-contracts being purely voluntary acts of man, the result of which is a commitment toward a third party, the organizer of a lottery who announces a gain to a person without highlighting the existence of a hazard/chance is obliged, by this purely voluntary act, to deliver the prizes in question. (Cass., ch. mixte, 6 sept. 2002)"
In this case, the "hazard/chance" is the fact that, for example, there weren't an equal proportion of "Mayfair" stickers and "Park lane" stickers. McDonald's having voluntary omitted to give us this crucial piece of information, the "game" is not only a fraud but they also have to pay the players what they should have won had the game not been rigged.

If you played and got ripped off, please contact us and we can help you. You can also press criminal charges against McDonald's Corporation in the United Kingdom.

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